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Precision Rolled Inch Ball Screws

Precision Rolled Inch Ball Screws

Thomson Precision Rolled Ball Screws come in a full range of diameters, leads, and ball nut configurations, in either preloaded or non-preloaded types, all in industry-standard envelopes. They provide dependable accuracy and repeatability at an economical price.  Featuring Tangential Ball Returns, a Thomson design which minimizes recirculated bearing ball deflection, for smoother and quieter operation.   Standard flanges are offered for many of our ball nut models


Precision Rolled Specifications (Inch Units):

Lead (inch)
0.05 0.062 0.125 0.20 0.25 0.413 0.473 0.50 0.66 1.00 1.50 1.875 2.00
0.187 X X
0.375 X
0.500       X       X          
0.631       X           X      
0.750       X       X          
0.875       X                  
1.000         X     X   X      
1.150       X                  
1.171           X              
1.500         X   X X   X   X X
2.000               X   X      
2.250               X   X      
2.500         X     X   X      
3.000                 X   X    
4.000                   X      

Precision Rolled Highlights:

  • When replacing conventional actuation systems (such as acme screws, hydraulics, or pneumatics), ball screws can use smaller, less-expensive drive motors reducing the need for auxiliary equipment
  • Over 90% efficiency with a constant low coefficient of friction
  • Dependable accuracy and repeatability at an economical price
  • Gothic arch ball groove geometry extends service life, reduces lash, and optimizes stiffness in preloaded assemblies
  • Optional wiper kits and end support blocks increase service life
  • Available in a full range of diameters, leads, and nut configurations, either preloaded or non-preloaded types
  • Non-standard lengths available

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Precision Rolled Ball Screws (Inch)
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