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FSB Series Electromagnetic Brakes (Power-off)

FSB Series Electromagnetic Brakes (Power-off)

FSB Series brakes are designed in small frame size packages.  The brake coupling armature assembly is secured to a shaft by set screws.  Spring-set electromagnetic power-off brakes provide a safe, efficient means of stopping and/or holding a load in the absence of power. While the field (electromagnet) assembly is fixed and prevented from rotating, the rotor assembly is secured to the shaft. In the absence of power, the fixed and rotating components are engaged, thus stopping and/or holding the load. When the coil is energized, rotating components are disengaged thus allowing the shaft to freely rotate.


FSB Series Specifications:

Frame Size 15 17
Frame OD, mm (in) 34.8 (1.37) 44.5 (1.75)
Static Torque, Nm (lb-in) 0.12 (1.0) 0.34 (3.0)
Coil Voltage, Vdc 24/90 24/90
Resistance, ohms 118/1750 92/1300
Max Power, watts 6.0 7.0
engage/disengage, ms
25.0/15.0 35.0/30.0
Weight, kg (lb) 0.09 (0.2)  0.27 (0.6)

FSB Series Highlights

  • Static or dynamic engagement 
  • English or Metric hub bores 
  • UL Class B insulation (130°C)
  • Custom coil voltages 
  • Corrosion protection plating 
  • Long or short hub lengths

FSB Series Applications

  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment
  • Actuators
  • Motor brakes
  • Postal handling equipment
  • Packaging

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