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CTS Series Constant Torque Slip Clutches

CTS Series Constant Torque Slip Clutches

The unique feature of the CTS series is that the clutch is designed to slip whenever a preset torque limit is exceeded. CTS clutches can also be used to apply drag in a system for tensioning requirements. While standard wrap spring units are designed to drive and/or brake, the CTS clutch is an inexpensive solution when a slip function is needed.



Max Torque Ratings  Nm (lb-in) 1.582 (14) 3.164 (28)
Shaft Bores  mm (in) 6.35 (0.25), 7.938 (0.3125) 12.7 (0.5)

CTS Series Highlights

  • Suitable for 100% duty cycle
  • 7 watts maximum power dissipation
  • 150 RPM maximum speed
  • Torque ratings from 2 lb-in to 28 lb-in
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