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24v & 12v Linear Actuators

Why Electric Actuators?

12v linear actuator

For a long time, pneumatic actuation, hydraulic and manual systems were the default choice in many motion applications. More and more, however, 24 volt & 12 volt DC linear actuators are finding their way into a wide range of applications. When something needs to be raised, lowered, pushed, pulled, rotated, positioned, lifted, shifted or moved, 24v linear actuators & 12v linear actuators are making an irrefutable case for electrification. These 12 volt actuators operate more simply, efficiently, cleanly and quietly. And with fewer components to act up or wear out, 24v linear actuators & 12v linear actuators offer exceptional durability.

How can 12v Linear Actuators save money and be more efficient?

Despite being perceived as costing more, a 24v & 12v linear actuator actually nets out to be more cost-efficient because of savings on several fronts.

Savings on maintenance with 24v & 12v linear actuators

  • No hydraulic fluid replacement
  • No leak repairs
  • Only bearing lubrication and semi-annual cable replacement vs. the more complex regular maintenance of hydraulics
  • Fewer components overall to maintain

Savings on component and installation costs with 24v & 12vlinear actuators

  • DC linear actuator components cost less than comparable hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • One 24v or 12v linear actuator is easier and quicker to install than multiple hydraulic and pneumatic components. This can lead to significant savings in OEM assembly scenarios
  • Quick and predictable system tuning when compared to configuring hydraulic systems

Improved productivity and efficiency with 24v & 12v linear actuators

  • Improved control over critical machine operations with:
    • Multiple digital and analog feedback options
    • Fixed and programmable limit switches for “teach and repeat” positions
    • Low voltage switching options that can interface directly with programmable PC/PLC controllers
    • Pulse width modulation for variable speed control
  • Superior accuracy and repeatability
  • Link and automate simultaneous processes
  • Reduced down time with:
    • Low maintenance
    • Longer component life
    • Redundancy through manual override

Engineers are increasingly turning to Thomson DC linear actuators to solve motion applications where pneumatic, hydraulic and manual systems had been the choice. For compactness and light weight, quieter operation, ruggedness, energy efficiency, reliability and energy efficiency, the Thomson 24 & 12v linear actuator solutions do the job admirably.

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