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MLSH60Z (FORCELINE) Linear Units

MLSH60Z (FORCELINE) Linear Units

Thomson's (FORCELINE) MLSH60Z positioning slides are designed with the extremely fast SPEEDLine® guidance system.  With its successful patented plastic cover band, these units can be installed in just about any direction.  The surface of the unit's power bridge is designed with T-slots on similar spacing allowing easy X-Y assembly of gantry or Cartesian systems.


MLSH60Z Specifications:

Specifications / Shaft Size MLSH60Z
Profile size (w x h): mm (in) 160 x 65 (6.3 x 2.6)
Type of belt  32ATL5
Max Stroke Length: mm (in) 5500 (217)
Max Linear Speed: m/s (in/s) 6.5 (256)
Max Acceleration: m/s2 (in/s2) 40 (1575)
Repeatability: ± mm (in) 0.05 (0.002)
 Max Input Speed: rpm  3000
Operation Temperature Limits: °C (°F)  0 to 80 (32 to 176)
Max Dynamic Load (Fx): N (lbf) 1480 (333)
Max Dynamic Load (Fy): N (lbf) 3000 (674)
Max Dynamic Load (Fz): N (lbf) 3000 (674)
Max Dynamic Torque (Mx): Nm (lbf-in) 165 (1460)
Max Dynamic Torque (My): Nm (lbf-in) 310 (2744)
Max Dynamic Torque (Mz): Nm (lbf-in) 310 (2744)
Max Drive Shaft torque (Mta): Nm (lbf-in)  45 (398.3)
Pulley diameter: mm (in)  42.97 (1.69)
 Stroke per shaft revolution: mm (in)  135 (5.32)
Weight: kg (lb) 
unit with zero stroke
every 100 mm of stroke
each carriage
12.6 (27.8)
1.33 (2.9)
3.9 (8.6)

MLSH60Z Feature Highlights:

  • Can be installed in all directions
  • Patented guide system
  • Patented plastic cover band
  • Patented screw support system
  • Screw supports included in all units as required
  • Central lubrication of all parts as needed
  • 4 x mounting clamps included
  • Double carriages

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MLSH ForceLine Linear Motion Systems
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