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1Bx End Support RoundRail Linear Guide System

1Bx End Support RoundRail Linear Guide System

The 1Bx End Support (Industry Standard Inch) RoundRail Linear Guide features the new patented Super Smart Ball Bushing® Bearings with up to 216X the life or 6X the load capacity of conventional bearings, all with increased life within the same envelope. The RoundRail Advantage, the inherent self-aligning-in-all-directions design of the Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing, allows for ultra smooth travel when mounted to wider toleranced prepared surfaces. 

The 1Bx Linear Guide comes in three versions:

1BA Single End Support (two single or one twin pillow block)
1BB Double End Support (two twin or four pillow blocks)
1BC Double End Support (w/table, two twin or four pillow blocks)


1Bx Highlights

  • Available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inch diameters
  • Cost savings: save time and money preparing your mounting surfaces to bolt down your guide
  • Made for gantry style or bridge applications
  • Corrosion resistant versions for harsh environments
1BA Single End Support

1BA Single End Support

  • 2 - Super Smart pillow blocks or 1 - Super Smart twin pillow block
  • 1 - 60 Case LinearRace® shaft
  • 2 - Shaft End Support Blocks
1BB Double End Support

1BB Double End Support

  • 4 - Super Smart pillow blocks or 2 - Super Smart twin pillow blocks
  • 2 - 60 Case LinearRace shafts
  • 4 - Shaft End Support Blocks
1BC Double End Support w/table top


1BC Double End Support with table top

  • 4 - Super Smart pillow blocks or 2 - Super Smart twin pillow block
  • 2 - 60 Case LinearRace shafts
  • 4 - Shaft End Support Blocks
  • 1 - Mounting table top with work piece and Ball Screw Assembly attachment holes

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CAD Models

  • Configurable 2D/3D Partstream Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D Solidcomponents Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D PartServer Models
  • Static 2D/3D Model file downloads
1BA RoundRail Guide Systems 2D/3D Interactive Models
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