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Worm Gear Screw Jacks

worm gear screw jacks

Tasks that worm gear screw jacks handle well will vary: lifting, lowering, tipping or moving. But in every case, industry requirements and the power parameters demand a powerful, reliable and complete worm gear screw jack system, easy to adapt to the specific application.

But in addition to the technical aspects of worm gear screw jacks, economical conditions increasingly compel every engineer to consider these realities:

Mechanical engineering systems must produce more performance at reduced cost – worm gear screw jacks are no exception. The requirement can be summed up as “shorter cycle times for the same price.”

Components are expected to combine high reliability, low maintenance costs and fast repair service.

The number of screw jack suppliers and the diversity of parts purchased must be also reduced. This demands rigorous assembly concepts and competent, service-oriented partners.

This is where the MULI®, JUMBO® worm gear screw jack program shines – standing for reliability in use and versatility in application. It’s technically mature, and with its easy-to-mount, rectangular housing, it can easily be extended to form wide-area jack systems with the help of its wide range of accessories. And at the heart of every Thomson worm gear screw jack is a precision trapezoidal or ball screw drive of acknowledged high quality from our own screw production.

Our comprehensive portfolio of worm gear screw jacks offers a wide range of types and sizes of gears. These permit even heavy loads to be moved at high speed. We undertake the entire dimensioning of the jack system for you, including the drive technology. And you are saved the time-consuming procurement of multiple individual components.

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