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RoundRail Linear Shafting

What are the benefits to a ball bearing and shafting system?

Round rail ball bushing bearing and linear shafting systems excel in their ability to accommodate torsional misalignment (caused by inaccuracies in carriage or base machining or in machine deflection) with little increase in stress to the bearing components. The self-aligning-in-all-directions design allows for ultra-smooth travel when mounted to wider-toleranced prepared surfaces.

linear bearing shaft Integral to a round rail system is the shaft. While linear shafting technologies may appear very similar, there are significant performance differences due to the manufacturer’s selected standards and the manufacturing processes used to achieve them. The inner race of the linear shafting demands the highest levels of material cleanliness, surface topography, surface hardening, diameter, taper and roundness, surface finish and straightness to provide optimum performance, minimal maintenance and long life.

What makes Thomson Linear Shafting superior?

Unlike common linear shafting, Thomson 60 Case LinearRace® shafting is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our techniques are continuously upgraded with proprietary knowledge gained from over five decades of linear bearing and linear shafting design and manufacture. Using 60 Case LinearRace shafting with Thomson Ball Bushing® Bearings ensures optimal bearing performance and travel life.

Round rail linear shafting is chosen much like any other machine component. Machine builders spec out the design, define the objectives of the system and work from past experiences to build a better linear shafting system. Thomson RoundRail linear shafting makes this process even easier as it requires only one part number to specify the entire linear guide.

linear shaft support blocks Thomson Round Rail linear shafting is available with 60 Case®, LinearRace Shaft end support blocks in either lightweight aluminum or rigid iron materials. Used to provide increased stability or torque resistance in linear system applications, Thomson is the one and only name you'll need when choosing your round rail linear shafting solution.

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