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Shaft Rail Assemblies

LinearRace® Shaft Rail Assemblies

Thomson shaft rail assemblies and low shaft rail assemblies offer easy installation of your linear race. We mount the solid steel shaft or lightweight tubular shaft to the support rails which are ready for instant bolt-down installation. Shaft rail assemblies eliminate many problems encountered in designing and manufacturing custom shaft supporting devices. Unlimited travel lengths and mounting hole flexibility is another reason why Thomson rail assemblies are right for any application.


Shaft Rail Assembly Specifications:

Support Rail Assembly Styles Imperial Type (in) Metric Type (mm)
Support Types .25" - 3" 12mm - 40mm
Shaft Types Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
PrePlate Chrome
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Support Hole Spacing Standard T1
Support Materials Aluminum
Carbon Steel
Ductile Iron
Carbon Steel

Shaft Rail Assembly Highlights:

  • Low envelope LSRA type available for compact, rigid linear motion systems
  • Extra XSRA rigid ductile iron type available for maximum system rigidity
  • Available with industry standard pre-drilled radial holes drilled to match Thomson drilled and tapped shafts (PD)

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X Dimension


CAD Models

  • Configurable 2D/3D Partstream Models
  • Configurable 2D/3D Solidcomponents Models
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  • Static 2D/3D Model file downloads

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Partstream Interactive Viewer Instructions:
1) Select a product from the table below and Configure your model to the right of the viewer that appears.
2) Click the Create button at the bottom of the configurator and wait for model to load (may take a few minutes).
3) Click the Download tab and login to your account if requested (or register as a first-time user).
4) Select a format, wait for the file to be created (may take a few minutes), and click the Download button.

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