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BBC-29 Mechanically Actuated Ball Bearing Clutch

BBC-29 Mechanically Actuated Ball Bearing Clutch

The model BBC-29 clutch combines the ease of direct electromagnetic actuation with the quick response and high torque offered by wrap spring technology. This improved clutch design features a ball bearing drive and a new magnetic circuit to enhance its performance and efficiency and greatly increase its life. Bearing life effectively determines clutch life. Clutch performance has been significantly improved by replacing the sleeve bearing, commonly used in this type of clutch, with a shielded, pre lubricated ball bearing. Life expectancy may now exceed 50 million cycles.



Coil Voltage 12/24/90 VDC
Static Torque  Nm (lb-in) 2.83 (25)
Max Radial Bearing Load  kg (lbs) 3.4 (7.5)
Max Operating Speed  RPM  1800
Response Time  (msec)
Voltage On @ full speed
Shaft Bores  mm (in) English:  6.35 (0.250)
Metric:  6 (0.2632)
Weight  kg (lb) 0.454 (1.0)

BBC Series Highlights

  • High torque in a small package
  • Corrosion protected
  • Ball bearing mounted coil housing
  • Bearing shielded against contamination and lubricant loss
  • Redesigned, high efficiency magnetic circuit
  • Drag free, engaged or disengaged
  • High speed operation - up to 1800 RPM
  • Uni-directional input
  • Housing assembly can be used as shaft bearing support
  • Freewheeling output when disengaged
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