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BDSC Series Bi-Directional Slip Clutch

BDSC Series Bi-Directional Slip Clutch

The BDSC clutch is a customer driven, special unit designed for high volume usage. It consists of just four components: one snap ring, two hubs and one spring. Like the CTS series, these clutches are designed to slip whenever a preset torque limit is exceeded. Torque ratings range from 2 to 32 in.-oz. By attaching various pulleys, sprockets and other input devices, BDSC clutches are easily adapted for a wide variety of applications.



Torque Ratings  Nm (lb-in) 0.014 (0.125) - 1.017 (9)
Shaft Bores  mm (in) English: 6.35 (0.25) - 15.88 (0.625)
Metric: 6 (0.2362) - 16 (0.629)
Weight  kg (lbs) 0.4536 (1)

BDSC Series Highlights

  • Low cost design
  • Custom configuration
  • Torque ratings from 2 in.oz. to 30 in.oz.
  • 200 RPM maximum speed
  • Suitable for 100% duty cycle
  • Torque can be varied with direction of rotation
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