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BIMAC Series Solenoid Actuated Clutches

BIMAC Series Solenoid Actuated Clutches

 Designed initially for the computer peripheral equipment and business machine market, the BIMAC Series of solenoid actuated clutches is ideal for a wide range of indexing and rapid cycling applications. The BIMAC Series is available in start-stop and single revolution configurations. Single revolution models are rated for 10% braking load (20% with over-travel stop/ anti-back option). In operation, when the coil is energized the actuator pulls away from the control collar, allowing the drive spring to wrap down onto the input and output hubs for positive torque transmission. When the coil is de-energized, the actuator engages the control collar which unwraps the spring and disconnects the hubs.



Coil Voltage 12/24/90 VDC
115 VAC
12/24/90 VDC
 115 VAC
Static Torque  Nm (lb-in) 2.83 (25) 8.475 (75)
Inertia, Rotary  kg-cm² (lb-in²) 0.0342 (0.0117) 0.1251 (0.0427)
Max Radial Bearing Load  kg (lbs) 5.4431 (12) 7.7111 (17)
Max Operating Speed  RPM 1500 1000
Response Time  (msec)
Voltage On @ full speed
20 20
Weight  kg (lbs) 0.1418 (0.3125) 0.1985 (0.4375)

BIMAC Series Highlights

  • Low cost
  • Trouble-free design for long life
  • Complete package for immediate installation
  • 25 or 75 lb-in of torque
  • Speeds up to 1500 RPM
  • Fits up 1/4" and 3/8" shafts
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